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Note that in order to open PDF documents you will need to have a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader (freeware) and for .DOC files you will need Microsoft Office or OpenOffice installed on your computer.

Commonly used files and forms:

Water Sewer Electric  Rate Sheet (Updated July 2017).docx
Utility Rules for new residents.pdf
Homeowner consent form utilities.pdf
Application for utility service.pdf
Morris Lynch Community Center rules.pdf
Application to use Morris Lynch Community Building.pdf
2016 Water Quality Report (CCR)

Farmers Market Vendor Access Agreement.pdf

Farmers Market Vendor Rules.doc
Prescription Discount Card - FREE for all residents

Commissioner Meeting Minutes: (uploaded one month after the meeting so they are formally approved by the board)

January 2015 Minutes

February 2015 Minutes

March 2015 Minutes

April 2015 Minutes page 1

April 2015 Minutes page 2

May 2015 Minutes page 1

May 2015 Minutes page 2

June 2015 Minutes page 1

June 2015 Minutes page 2

June 2015 Minutes page 3

July 2015 Minutes

August 2015 Minutes page 1

August 2015 Minutes page 2

September 2015 Minutes page 1
September 2015 Minutes page 2

October 2015 Minutes page 1
October 2015 Minutes page 2
November 2015 Minutes
December 2015 Minutes

July 2016 minutes

August 2016 minutes

September 2016 minutes

October 2016 minutes

November 2016 minutes

December 2016 minutes

January 2017 minutes

February 2017 minutes page 1

February 2017 minutes page 2

March 2017 minutes
April 2017 minutes

May 2017 minutes 

June 2017 minutes

Town Budget:

FY 2016-2017 Budget Ordinance

FY 2017-2018 Budget Ordinance